Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Livestock Extension in Mauritius

Livestock Extension
To increase farmer’s knowledge and skills, thereby raising their productivity and income improving their standard of living, and lifting their social and educational standards.

Our extension system operates through technological change as the key to increase farm productivity, and relies on demonstration (seeing is believing) as an effective tool to ensure the adoption of new technologies.
Centres originally called Permanent District Demonstration Plots were set up in the late 1950’s and operated within the Extension Services of the Ministry of Agriculture to offer a closer and better extension support to the farming community. They were later renamed Demonstration Centres. At first DC activities were restricted to the crop sector but were subsequently extended to the livestock sector, including the veterinary services. Since 1995, these centres also host AREU\'s headquarters for three extension regions (North, East and South).
 There are presently two Model Farms (MF) and two Demonstration Centres (DC)
  • Rivière des Anguilles DC
  • Mapou MF
  • Flacq MF
  • Plaisance DC

Besides offering close extension support, these centres provide windows for new technology in foodcrop, livestock and fruit production. On DC/MF’s, farmers can:
  • gain access to up-to-date information and new technologies
  • develop their skills and acquire knowledge through training
  • avail themselves of a wide range of services

Livestock Services
  • Training of farmers
  • Diagnostic /Advisory service for production of Livestock
  • Interface between the farming community and service providers
  • Investigation of farmers’ needs and grievances
  • Provision of facilities for research
  • Provision of buck service for breed improvement in goats
  • Facilitation for access to :
    • incentive schemes(S.F.E.S and DBM loan)
    • agricultural products (livestock feeds)
  • Provision of other services by Agricultural Services of Ministry of Agriculture:
    • subsidy on livestock feed
    • veterinary service (except at Mapou DC)